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Refayat Haque

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Aspiring Full-Stack Developer

> Why aspiring ?

There is no end to learning, and that is why - regardless of when you’re reading this - I’ll remain an Aspiring Full-Stack Developer.

Given the dynamic nature of coding, we can't be comfortable with what we know, we must consistently educate ourselves on the newest languages and tools. We owe to the world our ability to solve any problem, and for that can't stop learning. In keeping with this ethos, I trust my repertoire will forever be expanding. I’ll always be an Aspiring Full-Stack Developer. I’ll never know enough, and that’s not a bad thing. Humanity has progressed this far as a result of continuous learning.

Before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. - Wu Li

> Background

MEAN (JavaScript), Python, & Ruby Stacks - Coding Dojo - Washington, DC - April to August, 2017

StartupWeekend Lead Organizer - Raising over $7,000 in ticket sales and sponsorships from Lyft, WeWork, EverFi, The Iron Yard, StartBlox, & Feedtrail

Management, Sales, & Marketing officer - radio stations in Bangladesh and Singapore, Radio Today FM 89.6 & Radio Masti FM 96.3

Business, Economic, & Political analyst - think tanks, Atlantic Council & Bangladesh Enterprise Institute (BEI)

Recommendation - James Cunningham, former US Ambassador to Afghanistan & Israel

Recommendation - Farooq Sobhan, former Bangladesh Ambassador to China & India

Recommendation - Faiz Sobhan, Research Director, BEI

MA Entrepreneurship & Business Development - American University - School of International Service - Washington, DC

Recommendation - Dr. Louis Goodman, Dean Emeritus

BA International Affairs - George Washington University - Elliott School of International Affairs - Washington, DC

Born in Dhaka, Bangladesh - Raised in Dhaka and Singapore - Graduated high school with International Baccalaureate Diploma from American International School / Dhaka

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